“Rule 13: When placed in command, take charge.”

“Rule 14: Do what’s right!”

Norman Schwarzkopf, General, United States Army

The Rockstar Project Manager.

8 years of successful remote project & change management experience.

Transparency, compassion, creativity, and critical thinking are the quadfecta that helps my team achieve great heights.

Before, when I was in college, I always imagined that project management was just a bunch of tedious processes to drive projects from start to end. I thought that it was enough to know the basics, and then all should be good.

But this isn’t how great project managers work at all.

Immediately after graduating college, I started working as a developer. At that point, I felt like there should be more to it which led me to begin searching for answers that brought me the following objectives:

  • Understand the culture of the team and their existing process by observing and communicating
  • Discuss project plans together with the team
  • Encourage my team to be transparent and have their voices heard
  • Be a leader who knows when to decline requirements and support them with facts conferred with the team
  • Enhance the current process based on observation during the project life cycle
  • Trust my team and prepare them to become leaders and not just followers
  • Drive growth by motivating my team to explore outside of their comfort zone
  • Accept my weaknesses by taking constructive criticism to improve myself

I improved the existing processes of the teams I’ve worked with by being someone they can trust. Project management is not just about the processes needed to make a project successful; not just about satisfying the stakeholders by saying “YES” to everything in defiance of logic and in exchange for the teams’ morale. It is more than that, and that’s where I stand with my team.

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The crafts that I’ve acquired throughout my career.

Take a look at the stuff that I’ve learned during the span of my career, from being a developer up to becoming a project manager. Everything you need to know is listed down below.

  1. Project Management

Certifications and Assessments

Always seeking for avenues of growth.

I like researching new stuff not just for my career but also for myself outside the industry; as you read through this site, I might be currently learning something new. Of course, not everything needs to be on paper, such as certificates, but here are some.

Work History

The teams who I’ve worked and grew with

I have never used the word I or my, but we or our. It’s more of a team than an individual effort to finish a project with flying colours. The teams mentioned below have supported and motivated me to give my best, making me the person I am today.

  1. ConvrtX

    Project Manager


    Dubai, UAE / Ontario, Canada

    Full-time (Remote)

  2. webriver

    Project Manager

    2013 - 2022

    Las Pinas City, Philippines


  3. iation

    Project Manager


    Oregon, USA

    Full-time (Remote)

  4. Interactive Partners

    Account Manager

    2019 - 2020

    Sydney, Australia

    Full-time (Remote)

  5. Wideout Workforces Inc.,

    Senior Web Developer

    2013 - 2014

    Taguig, Philippines


  6. SSIP Asia Inc.,

    Junior Software Developer

    2012 - 2013

    Makati, Philippines


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I’m always open for job opportunities, projects, and most especially new life experiences!

Some kind words from my teammates...

I have led and worked with remote teams from the Philippines, USA, Canada, Ukraine, India, Pakistan and UAE. Here is what they have to say about me.

Outside work

JC de Borja – Hey there, I hope you enjoyed reading through my resume.

You’re probably still reading through this message because you’re curious about who I am. Well... here are some more things about me, but I need to cut this short. Because... you know... marketing... I need to get in a call with you! Ok, I’m a person who is very passionate about the things I do in life. I am a project manager right now because I love leading people to their success. Outside of the career world, I do a lot of stuff; I travel, play musical instruments, sing, draw, program, I’m a race car driver, handyman, photographer and much more. There is so much to live that you should turn every day into an adventure. Are you ready to be a part of it?

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